Your Instructors

Serving as the CCW – CPL Chief Instructor, Joe brings a tremendous amount of weapons knowledge and experience to the Tri State Team. Joe has been employed by the United States Federal Government since 2008. Prior to that he was a Full Time Law Enforcement Officer in Michigan for eleven years and also has eight years of Military Law Enforcement background.

During his time in Law Enforcement he has worked in many different positions and held many different titles to include, Chief of Police, Felony Crimes Investigator, Field Training Officer, Weapons Instructor, Evidence Technician, Patrol Officer, School Liaison, Liaison / Coordinator for a Reserve Officer program, PPCT Instructor, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor, Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, Taser Instructor, Community Police Officer and Master Taser Instructor for Taser International.

Joe served over six years active duty and additional eight in the reserves in the Military. While in the United States Marine Corps he served as an Infantry Non-commissioned Officer and did Combat tours in Somalia and in Afghanistan. He worked on a Random Anti-terrorist Measures Team while deployed to the Middle East in 2002. Joe has also served as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor and Training NCO.  Joe has been teaching Concealed Weapons Classes, Use of Deadly Force Training, and Advanced Weapons Training for over twelve years.

Put Joe’s experience and knowledge to work for the safety of you and your family.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAServing as a Legal Instructor and Coach, Duane brings a vast amount of knowledge and Law Enforcement Experience to the Tri State Team and has been in Law Enforcement for approximately fifteen years. Duane is the former Chief of Police for a Police Department in the Mid-Michigan area. Duane has extensive knowledge in the Use of Deadly Force, Crime Prevention, Loss Prevention; Security and Risk Management fields along with a Degree in Criminal Justice. Duane has attended countless hours of training within the above respected fields and has certifications in many different aspects to show for it. Duane and his wife live in Mid-Michigan and he is currently furthering his education to obtain another Degree in Applied Management.

You will see that Duane plays a vital role as an Instructor and Coach.



Serving as a weapons Instructor and Coach, Kelly brings a vast amount of knowledge and Law Enforcement Experience to the Tri State Self Defense Team and has been in Law Enforcement for approximately sixteen years.  Kelly has specialized training to include Critical Incidents, Open Area Combat, Close Quarter Combat, Perimeter Support, Hostage Negotiator Support, and is an expert in Basic and Advanced Building Clearing.  Kelly has extensive knowledge in the Use of Deadly Force, private security along with a Degree in Criminal Justice.  Kelly has attended countless hours of training within the above respected fields and has certifications in many different aspects to show for it.  Kelly, his wife and children live in Mid-Michigan.

You will see that Kelly plays a vital role as an Instructor and Coach.

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About Us

We are a patriotic, family oriented, concealed carry, and weapons training business. All of the instructors on the Tri-State Self-Defense training team have law enforcement, legal, military and or medical backgrounds. We are all NRA Certified, Utah BCI and or M.C.O.L.E.S. certified firearms instructors. Our instructors are steeped in the latest methods of firearms use, self-defense tactics, and home-safety measures.  We all have extensive experience in either the military, law enforcement, and federal civilian training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this class?
In order to get a permit to carry a concealed pistol, you must prove that you have completed the required training. The certificate you receive upon completion of this course will qualify you to receive such a permit.
Why would anyone want to carry a concealed weapon?
I paid for the course, but something came up. Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, all deposits are non-refundable.  If you can not attend a class for any reason, contact us at least 48 hours prior to the class and we will forward your deposit to another class in the future. If you do not show up to class without notice you will forfeit your deposit. If class is canceled for any reason your deposit will be forwarded to a future class.
How do I register for a class?
Click on the Blue icon that says “Register Now!” and then fill out the form completely and submit it.  Make sure that you DO NOT use all caps as these registrations will not receive email updates about the class and anything else.
I paid the fifty dollar deposit. Do I still have to pay the full admission price?
Certainly not! Just enter the word “deposit” in the promotional code box, and your deposit will be deducted from the price.
To what address do I mail my check?
Make all checks out to:

Tri State Self Defense
P.O. Box 224
Bellevue, MI 49021-0224

What are the handgun laws in my state?
You can read those here.
Where do I go to get a concealed weapons application in Michigan?
You can fill one out and print it here.  Just don’t sign it until you get to your County Clerks office.
What do we need to bring to the class?
You need not bring anything. You might find it handy to have a pen and paper. Snacks are allowed and might help you pass the time. You are also encouraged to bring warm clothes for the range which is outdoors. No high heels or open toe shoes allowed on the range.
Do I need to bring my pistol?
You will not need your pistol for the class. You will use a pistol when we go to the shooting range. You are free to use your own. If you do you’ll need to bring 50 rounds of ammo for your pistol; you may also rent one of ours.
What is the cost of the rental?
The charge is $15 for the gun and $10 for the ammo.
What happens if I fail the test?
The test is open book. If you still fail we will cover the wrong answers and retest.
What if I lose my certificate and need a new one?
New certificates can be printed and sent out in the case that you lose your certificate. There is a $10 fee for this that covers the cost of the certificate and postage. If this happens send a check or money order for $10.00 to:
Tri State Self Defense
P.O. Box 224
Bellevue, Michigan 49021-0224

On the bottom left side of the envelope please write, “Attention: new Certificate.”
On a typed or neatly printed page send us a return address, you full First, Middle and Last Name as it appears on your driver’s license or I.D. and we will send out a
new certificate as soon as check or money orders clear.

I am taking the class with another person, do we both have to register or can I just register and bring her/him with me?
 No matter how many people are in your group, each person will have to register.  Even if you have a Groupon for 2 people, both people have to register and both put in the same redemption code.
Where are the Concealed Weapons Classes Offered?
 We offer classes throughout the State of Michigan and several other states.  Most however are in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Lansing, Michigan.  When you register for a class.  It will show the venue of the class.  Not all classes are in the same location!
Where is the Range?
 The range may change for each and every class.  We hold classes at many different locations and many different ranges, therefore we have to coordinate with different ranges to ensure they can accomodate our classes and make sure we are respecting the ranges we use and do not let our students just show up to the different ranges with out us as we are responsible for each and every person that is a part of our class and look out for safety first.
What time does the classes start?
 Our concealed weapons classes start at 8 am during winter hours (November through March) and 9 am during summer hours (April through October).
I want to get a concealed carry permit, but I am totally clueless on how to shoot a gun. Should I even take this class?
You certainly should. This class assumes no prior knowledge of firearms. We will walk you through every aspect of the proper use of handguns and their various components. At the range, we are able to give closer attention to those who have less experience. Please rest assured that we will take every precaution to see that you are well-trained. If you decide after the course that carrying is not for you, you are free to do so.
Is there any promotions out there?
Yes, because you read down into the FAQ you can enter the promo code, “gun” and get a $50 discount off normal price classes.  Thank you for reading the full directions and FAQ.


Didn’t get your question answered above? Send it to us directly here:

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